We’re in The Antiques Trade Gazette! We’re   over   the   moon   to   have   been   featured   in   an article   by   The   Antiques   Trade   Gazette   journalist Joan   Porter   covering   Irish   Dealers!   Joan   took the   time   to   visit   our   Killinchy   showrooms   last month   and   was   very   interested   in   how   we   were taking   a   slightly   different   approach   to   dealing in   Antiques   and   collectibles   here   in   Northern Ireland.   She   also   received   a   very   warm   welcome from    resident    hen    Salted    Chilli,    who    she initially    mistook    for    one    of    our    varied taxidermy pieces!!
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All Change on the Gallery Floor! After   some   redecoration   and   a   great   deal   of furniture   manoeuvring   our   Gallery   Floor   Space   at Studio   Souk,   Ann   Street,   Belfast   has   had   a   bit of   a   refresh!   New   paint,   new   art   and   new   stock!! Well   worth   popping   in   the   next   time   you’re   out and   about   in   Belfast,   and   always   worth   regular visits   as   it’s   the   one   High   Street   Shop   which   is always changing.
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