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New Belfast Location! We’re   so   looking   forward   to   this   new   opportunity in   the   Studio   Souk   Gallery,   Ann   Street,   Belfast! Not   only   is   it   a   chance   for   us   to   meet   new,   like minded   exhibitors   and   customers,   but   the   Souk has    a    great    ethos    of    promoting    sustainable lifestyles    and    alternative    consumerism,    two principles close to our heart! We’ll   be   all   set   up   from   Saturday   4th   February. So   if   you’re   in   Belfast,   and   haven’t   already experienced   what   the   Souk   has   to   offer,   why   not call in ……… You’ll not be disappointed!
We’re in Homes & Antiques! If   you’re   an   avid   reader   of   Homes   &   Antiques magazine   you   may   notice   our   little   mention   in their   ‘New   for   2017’   feature   in   the   January Issue. We   were   so   shocked   to   have   been   asked   if   we’d like   to   be   included,   gotta   say   it   took   us   a little   by   surprise.   It   looks   great   and   describes perfectly   what   we   try   to   achieve   on   a   daily basis. So   here’s   hoping   we   ‘take   2017   by   storm’   as   they suggest! :)
We’re in The Antiques Trade Gazette! We’re   over   the   moon   to   have   been   featured   in   an article   by   The   Antiques   Trade   Gazette   journalist Joan   Porter   covering   Irish   Dealers!   Joan   took the   time   to   visit   our   Killinchy   showrooms   last month   and   was   very   interested   in   how   we   were taking   a   slightly   different   approach   to   dealing in   Antiques   and   collectibles   here   in   Northern Ireland.   She   also   received   a   very   warm   welcome from    resident    hen    Salted    Chilli,    who    she initially    mistook    for    one    of    our    varied taxidermy pieces!!