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What We Do ……… We    sell    decorative    Antiques,    vintage    items    and    pretty    much anything   we   feel   is   a   little   different   or   a   break   from   the   norm! We   only   ever   buy   pieces   we   like,   we   don’t   simply   buy   to   make   a profit!   That   way   we   stay   enthusiastic   about   not   only   the   pieces   we have   in   stock   but   those   we’re   still   to   find.   It’s   great   because   we never know what we’re going to discover next! Once   we   find   a   piece,   if   necessary,   its   restored,   repaired, cleaned,   polished   and   made   ready   for   the   home,   restaurant,   shop   or wherever its final destination is to be. How We Do It ……… We   spend   time   at   Auction,   scour   other   dealers   both   in   Northern Ireland   and   further   afield,   go   to   trade   fairs,   carry   out   house clearances    or    simply    make    things!    Everything    we    do,    we    do ourselves.   From   sourcing   to   restoration,   promotion   and   advertising to   shopkeeping   and   delivery,   that   way   we   are   able   to   keep   our prices competitive! Where We Do It ……… We   trade   from   our   home!   We’ve   our   workshop   at   one   end,   our   2 little   showrooms   at   the   other   and   we   live   in   the   middle!   It   works! We’re   able   to   man   the   showroom   whilst   continuing   to   work   on   our new   stock   …………   oh   and   if   you   fancy   a   coffee   while   you   browse   our little   Aladdin’s   cave,   we’re   close   enough   to   the   kitchen   to   make you one!